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· 1.4 Million Downloads on Google Play (Custimized by Pocket Gems)
· Top 25 Games for Android in Japan
· 100,000 monthly active users
· Currently ranked #1 in Strategy games on Android!

“This is the best fantasy RPG I’ve played on Android.”
“This is an absolute must-have app.”
“Overall, a very polished, and very enjoyable fantasy RPG.”
– N++ Game on Android
– Top 25 Games on Android

“Just too fun!”
– Florian Mueller, FOSS-in-Action

Why is Elden Ring Game on the App Store?

Elden Ring Game is a fantasy RPG that immerses you in epic battles, various cultures, and different civilizations.
The game fully supports offline gameplay and allows you to create your own unique adventure by traversing huge maps, interacting with many NPCs, and fighting against monsters.

Our game features a number of epic heroes and features unique gameplay modes. Players can enjoy this game in the same style as the popular World of Warcraft online RPG, such as “Guilds,” “Dungeons,” and “Battles.”

If you are a player who has been craving for a fantasy RPG, then you should download Elden Ring Game and create your own adventure!


Elden Ring Game is the product of ARTSY, a team of young developers that have been creating RPGs for Android since 2012.

With an enormous amount of experience, we have carefully designed Elden Ring Game to satisfy all of your curiosity.

The game takes place in the Lands Between, a location with a wide variety of surrounding environments, beautiful vistas, and ancient structures.

We also understand that a game comes to life only through your feedback. Please let us know your feedback at:

Thank you for your support.





[Android 8.1]

** Pro version & AI mode are now available! **



Features Key:

  • Typical RPG game features.
    – A vast world full of excitement.
    – Play the game in all kinds of landscapes.
    – A vast variety of dungeons and challenges.
    – Battle your way through the world and meet various characters.
  • Extra features and monsters introduced.
    – A bombastic story and scenario full of unmatched charm.
    – High quality game graphics and voice acting that reflect the high quality of the story.
    – A direct adventure through content absent from many Japanese RPGs, such as a dungeon where you can battle a massive dragon.
  • Difficulty and variety of content.
    – Designed for both beginners and experts alike, the game offers a large range of content to be experienced in.
    – Experience the dense and powerful story through simple game play.
    – If you get overwhelmed by combat or boss fights, there are a variety of skills and magic to utilize for an easier experience.
  • (1) will be added. (2) is on schedule.




    <img src="


    Elden Ring PC/Windows

    KADOKAWA Games Inc. (KGI)

    KADOKAWA Games Inc.

    PGi, Inc.

    Gust Corporation

    KADOKAWA Games Inc.




    ―Review by ‘THE MOTHER OF RPGERPORN’, Tale of Bunny Girl

    KADOKAWA, a leading publisher in the Japanese video game industry, today announced that it is delivering a fantasy action RPG that features stirring romance, endless valor, and astonishing battles to the Nintendo Switch worldwide. Even though the company is known for delivering the biggest games in the industry, the creator of this title challenges every one of the preconceived notions and sets a new standard for the genre. As a final boss, the company has a new title, RPGERPORN, a name that will not only make you come to the conclusion that this game is a brand new genre, but will also have you go and have a look.

    With the final boss, the Player Character, and the premise thereof put to rest, the remaining two champions of the RPG-verse will embark on an incredible adventure where they will encounter rivalries, comrades, enemies, and whatnot, in a series of exciting battles in the Lands Between and break free from their old style of gameplay.

    In the RPGERPORN universe, which has been made a game world by the game’s creator, only a select few are able to enter the world, and in order to enter that world, all characters must have that one characteristic that sets them apart from those that are human. The player character, who enters the game world, will be a tarnished character. Here are the characteristics that make them that way:

    They all were branded by the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, but their desire to be able to create their own character became null and void.

    They live amongst the evil creatures known as the Tards, who have an inherent grudge against them.

    Finally, they abandoned the Elden Ring, or at least only a small part of them, or they were branded into being a coward.

    Although there are still many more details to be revealed about the RPGERPORN title, the company hopes that with this announcement, they have firmly opened the lines for fans and newcomers alike to get into the game.

    RPGERPORN: Faithful (Babagish


    Elden Ring License Keygen Free

    ROBBY: “The Golden Realm’s Open World” is a new fantasy action RPG game that I designed and developed.
    The game is set in a world that evolves quickly, where the continents have been crushed and the ruins of the Earth’s crust are being hoarded by humans in barbaric empires. This is the story of a man named Tasuneku, who entered the kingdom of the Elden Ring after being adopted as a child by the king.
    While living on this world, he becomes aware of the power of the one of the Stone Deities.

    > How do I create a character?
    1. Open the ‘Character Creator’ page and select the race and gender.
    2. Describe your character using the various key words on the page (Skills, Appearance, Magic)
    3. You can also change your character’s appearance using the full color feature.
    > Each race has its own race-specific abilities, but in ‘Appearance’ you can freely mix and match the elements of the face, hair, and body of the character and create a unique appearance.
    The game is still in the early phases of development, and there may be various problems in the game.
    > An update will be released when the game is completed.
    -Additional information is available on the Official Page.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    21 Sep 2016 12:52:54 +0000 out the sandbox version of Supercell’s Land Between, NOW: Up to 100 players worldwide can join in on a quest to become an Elden Lord in a vast open world, or explore a variety of gameplay areas that include airship raids, Cactus wars, and a colony desert experience.
    ]]> to release Sandbox Adventure ‘Land Between’
    02 Sep 2016 16:00:34 +0000 has been teasing the world with the completion of its new sandbox adventure game ‘Land Between’ for a while now, after the successful launch of their grand RPG ‘Bombshell.’ Although for quite some time, the developer has stated that the game is available only on Android and will not be launching on iOS, for security and general protection reasons.


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    6) Don’t forget to give a 5-star rating.

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