How long can it take?





It’s too long!




The jury is still out!


When can I download?



When do you plan to release?

Week 1




my God, it’s that fast?


WOW, it took me only 3 hours to write this…


The post is 11×22 pixels and 11K in size. You can download it directly to the sim, or copy to your phone or tablet and download it later to the sim as you wish.

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esbl prototipo para la última instancia de medida de la cubierta, con señales para NNSE o línea especifica, interface de 4.3 milímetros y nuevo sistema para ambiente Android.
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La Promesa series was created by Ovidiu Miclaus in Romania, with the title “La Promesa” in English. It is about the search for freedom in love and in life. The season is made with ten episodes and is produced by APT films, directed by Iulia Chiriță and Miclaus Ovidiu and written by Ovidiu Miclaus.

La Promesa (serie completa)

La Promesa is a Romanian drama serial produced in 2012 by actor Ovidiu Miclaus that follows the story of three young people who are about to be released from a psychiatric hospital.

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