AutoCAD 23.1 Crack+ For PC [Updated-2022]

What is AutoCAD Crack For Windows?

AutoCAD is an Autodesk brand for a software suite and as such it comes with a wide range of features designed for CAD.

AutoCAD enables you to plan and design a wide range of things in 2D and 3D. It can be used for drafting, project management, 3D-printing, furniture modelling, GIS applications, architectural design, signage, and other areas, and includes many modules such as:

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is a service that provides a cloud-based 3D model repository and all the tools and utilities for creating, editing and viewing 3D models.

AutoCAD Add-ons

All of Autodesk’s CAD software and service applications are included in the AutoCAD Add-On package. Each of the Add-On’s is a custom tool designed to meet a specific business or professional need.


The Autodesk LT solution is a comprehensive package of hardware, software, and training for AutoCAD users who wish to experience the benefits of a full-featured desktop version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Mobile

AutoCAD Mobile is a free cloud-based mobile app with the ability to view, plot, print and share 2D and 3D drawings.

AutoCAD Web

AutoCAD Web is a cloud-based 2D CAD service designed to help you create 2D drawings. It enables you to store your drawings in the cloud, work collaboratively online with other users and share them with others.

What is AutoCAD LT?

AutoCAD LT is a complete package of CAD software, including three apps that run on either Windows 7 or Windows 8. The service provides the 3D CAD capabilities you need to share, collaborate, and prepare drawings for print. It also supports all of the AutoCAD features, such as the ability to customize a drawing to a standard specification or work with other drawings.

AutoCAD LT is available as a perpetual and non-renewing subscription service that provides access to the entire suite of AutoCAD software applications.

What is AutoCAD Architectural Desktop?

AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, or AutoCAD Architecture, is designed specifically for AutoCAD users who want to plan, design and create a 3D

AutoCAD 23.1 PC/Windows

AutoCAD Product Key LT is a predecessor to AutoCAD and is discontinued.

AutoCAD can be used for architectural design, mechanical and electrical design, AutoCAD LT (a predecessor of AutoCAD) can be used for architectural, mechanical, and electrical design. AutoCAD Electrical offers electrical design capabilities for design of electrical systems. AutoCAD Architecture can be used for architectural design.

One of AutoCAD’s key features is its ability to import and export drawings in the native DXF format. This format, developed by the AutoCAD team in AutoLISP, is a self-describing standard format that stores 2D and 3D data, topology and coordinate systems. It can be read by almost any other CAD program (excluding AutoCAD version 2011 onwards), as well as by many CAD-related programs. It is a part of the Open Document Format standard, the Open Engineering Exchange standard and the Open CAD Systems standard.

AutoCAD also provides the ability to extract data from other file formats including Microsoft Visio, dxf imported by AutoCAD, and information created in 3D CAD models.

Visio project files are imported by AutoCAD, making it easy to collaborate with others and to distribute your work to non-autocad users.

Visio 2007 introduced a new Xref embedding method. The Visio 2007 Xref embedding method makes it easier to share a Visio drawing without opening a file in the software, rather than having to manually export the file and then import it to a different program. Xref embedding is integrated into the Visio interface so the Xref embedding method is available to the user without having to open the project or create a Visio project.

Other tools
AutoCAD supports several tools to help create and manage drawings. These include:
Templates – Basic types of drawing templates are available by default. Custom templates can be created and shared.
Templates can be searched by keyword. Templates can be created for AutoCAD versions 8, 9 and 2000. These templates can be used to create any drawing type, including 2D, 3D, projects, and drawing packages.
Advanced Catalog – The Advanced Catalog is a feature available in AutoCAD 2000 and higher versions to manage templates and components.
The Catalog tool is used to manage templates and components.
Location-based naming – Location-based naming was introduced in AutoCAD 2010.

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What’s New In?

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3D Preview:

Open a 3D perspective on a 2D drawing. You can set an angle and scroll to see the surrounding area. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out, or use the keyboard’s PageUp/PageDown keys. You can also adjust the level of transparency by pressing the Spacebar while hovering over the 3D icon in the toolbar.

The 3D Perspective button is available for all 2D files. AutoCAD only allows you to open one 3D view at a time, so it’s important to pick a setting that works for your design.

Enhanced Precision

Editing geometries in AutoCAD® 2020 is still fast and accurate. It’s just easier to get precise. And you can rely on those properties as you draw.

Automatic Allocation for References

Automatically make your drawing elements assignable.

Support for ECAD 2017

Support for ECAD 2018

Support for ECAD 2019

Full Support for ECAD 2020

Add, Draw and Shape Objects

The concept of a “shape object” was introduced in AutoCAD® 2016. It made it possible to separate the drawing process into three parts:

Add shapes to the drawing.

Draw shapes on the drawing.

Make a shape an object.

You can make your shapes easily and quickly by simply placing them on the drawing page. You don’t have to draw them first.

When you make a shape into a shape object, AutoCAD adds some extra information, including the “shape code” you can use to reference it later. It also creates a shortcut for quickly selecting the shape.

Tip: Don’t forget to check the “Make a shape an object” box when you add a new shape to a drawing.

You can also draw a 2D or 3D shape and make it an object. The object becomes editable if you want to make changes to it.

To define a shape as an object, you use the Add shape or Add object command. By default, you can use the shape’s name to refer to it later. If you want to make an object out of a group of selected objects, you can right-click the objects and choose

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Internet connection
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Compatible with Windows 7
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