If you spend hours each week copying and pasting data from accounting reports into spreadsheets, there is an easier way to do the job. If you are still waiting for the IT department to create data extraction programs for you, there is a tool that will let you do the job yourself, without writing custom programs.
NeXtract Professional is an application which helps users to exctract and convert their reports into excel spreadheets. It is normally used with accounting or CRM reports. These reports can be in text files, or PDF form. You may download them to your desktop computer or laptop computer through FTP, or they may be on a network drive. The reports are usually provided to you by your IT department. NeXtract also interfaces directly with our LaserVault report archiving system.
The purpose of NeXtract is to be able to rejuvenate data that is stored on a report, by reconditioning it back into digital data that the user can then processs in new ways with general purpose applications such as Excel or Microsoft Access.
There is no need to manually copy data from a report into another program with LaserVault’s NeXtract feature. With the press of a button, you can extract the information stored in any of your LaserVault reports for analysis purposes.
NeXtract is perfect for end users, since there is no need to generate custom programs to extract needed data. Instead, end users can generate their own data extraction templates quickly and easily using NeXtract’s WYSIWYG template editor.
All you have to do is print your report to a disk file instead of on paper. NeXtract reads that report and applies a data extraction template to convert the print characters into data fields. The data extractions can be automated, so a single click of the mouse does the report-to-spreadsheet transformation instantly. After the report extraction is complete, the data can be manipulated as desired.







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NeXtract is an easy-to-use reporting tool that allows you to utilize your LaserVault reports in more ways than ever.
The NeXtract software can export up to three different types of LaserVault reports.
With the press of a button you can access the reports in your LaserVault repository and generate a wide range of reports from the aggregates and leads up to the top 10. This software will pull that information directly from the LaserVault repository.
LaserVault users can download NeXtract directly to their computers in a format that makes the NeXtract program operational as soon as it is installed.
What NeXtract can do:
Run any report on the Internet using your LaserVault account.
Use any of the LaserVault reports to create generic reports to fulfill any of your business needs.
With the press of a button you can generate any of the following reports:
Simple T-Combine Reports
Simply run a report. NeXtract will copy the contents of that report, and create a T-Combine report with that data.
Leverage Reports
Simply run a report. NeXtract will copy the contents of that report, and create a Leverage report with that data.
Top 10 Reports
Simply run a report. NeXtract will copy the contents of that report, and create a Top 10 report with that data.
Aggregate Reports
Simply run a report. NeXtract will copy the contents of that report, and create an aggregate report with that data.
Access Reports
Simply run a report. NeXtract will copy the contents of that report, and create an Access report with that data.
We want to hear from you!
If you have any questions or comments regarding NeXtract, email me or post a question in our forums
Free Trial is available for 90 days.
Note: Please exit your IDE for a clean install if you wish to use our demo edition.
NeXtract Professional Full Crack Screenshots:

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NeXtract Professional Crack+ Download (Updated 2022)

NeXtract Professional Crack For Windows is a powerful tool that helps end users to quickly extract data from reports, and convert the extracted information into excel and other files.
NeXtract instantly converts print characters into meaningful data fields, thereby making it ideal for any type of report. Once the report is generated, NeXtract extracts the data fields and automatically generates an excel file to view the data. This data can then be manipulated as desired.
It can be used to extract data from any report in any style.
It is WYSIWYG, allowing the user to easily design data extraction templates. This can be done using a wizard that guides the user through the process.
There is no need to manually copy data from a report into another program with NeXtract’s LaserVault feature.
With NeXtract’s LaserVault feature, you can generate custom programs that automatically extract data from any report that has been stored on your LaserVault server.
NeXtract Professional Features:
– Lets you extract data from any report to Excel, Access and many other formats.
– Allows you to create automation of reports to a disk file.
– Can be used to automatically extract data from any report, including VB reports, or all type of reports.
– Allows you to generate automated reports in the formats you want.
– You can create your own customized templates in NeXtract’s WYSIWYG editor.
– It has Wizard based template designing of data-extraction.
– The extracted data can be processed in excel or other programs as desired.
– Can extract data from text files, PDF format or any LaserVault report.
– As reports are saved to disk, you may transfer them to any other computer.
– The extracted data can be imported into programs and manipulated as desired.
– NeXtract can read many types of data stored as tables, forms, fields, as well as data in other file formats.
– Its powerful data display options include list view and pivot view.
– NeXtract automatically converts data into recognizable formats.
– It’s compatible with a wide variety of LaserVault report archives.
– NeXtract may be integrated with LaserVault report archiving systems.
– It uses a wide variety of data types including dBase, Access, txt, Excel, XML, csv, HTML etc.
– NeXtract uses

NeXtract Professional

The NeXtract Professional reports extraction application converts accounting and inventory data from their reports into an Excel spreadsheet.
* Use any of the 123. Version reports
* Create multiple data extraction templates
* Use CSV export from LaserVault to send your data back to LaserVault for archiving
* Print XML reports (requires LaserVault Enterprise)
* Create XML reports from.CSV and.RTF files
* Export data to.CSV and.RTF files
* Create a data extraction, add it to a template, and apply it to a report
* Create a data extraction in a specific folder to prevent overwriting a template you already have
* Use the data extraction as a template, from which you can generate a new data extraction.
* Create a new data extraction based on your own business requirements
* Publish XML reports to LaserVault
* Export ASCII reports to LaserVault
* Export CSV reports to LaserVault
* Export.RTF reports to LaserVault
* Export NeXtract reports to archive reports in LaserVault using a data extraction
* Recover deleted data extractions
* Use NeXtract to generate a data extraction from a formatted CSV or.RTF file
* Use NeXtract to generate a data extraction from a formatted.CSV or.RTF file
* Create multiple data extractions from the same file
* Generate a custom data extraction in a folder of your own choosing
* Import a custom XML report that has been exported by NeXtract
* Automatically create an XML report from CSV and RTF files
* Import CSV and RTF reports from exported XML files
* Import a data extraction directly from the.RTF file that was saved to disk in the report
* Import a data extraction from a.CSV file
* Import a data extraction from a.XML file
* View Exported CSV and RTF files
* View Exported XML files
* Save, Export, and Import
* Create your own data extraction (or use the templates we provide)
* Save the data extraction so you can reuse it
* Import the data extraction from a saved.CSV,.RTF, or.XML file
* Automatically extract data from a.CSV or.RTF file
* Automatically extract data from a.XML file
* Automatically export a.CSV or.RTF file to

What’s New In NeXtract Professional?

NeXtract Professional makes it easy and cheap for end users to extract data from their accounting or CRM reports.

NeXtract Professional is the inexpensive Excel replacement. NeXtract Professional has the ability to convert your reports into the Excel file format.
NeXtract’s value-added services include:
o Data Composition: The ability to automatically compose fields into a custom spreadsheet;
o Data validation: NeXtract validates the contents of the report into the desired spreadsheet format and will present the user with a simple VLOOKUP as a validator;
o Data extraction: NeXtract will extract the data that is stored in your reports or other documents and place it into the Excel spreadsheet you have selected;
o Data transformation: NeXtract will transform the data as it is extracted (if desired);
o Data selection: NeXtract can be used to grab items from reports and make them available for further analysis.
o Data rendering: You can use NeXtract’s WYSIWYG editor to insert formulas, graphs, charts and other objects into the reports or documents that it will extract for you;
o Advanced filtering: NeXtract is perfect for data mining because it offers a full suite of filtering options to help you easily sort the data and perform advanced searches;
o Data record/row numbering: NeXtract will automatically add records and rows to the beginning of your output Excel spreadsheet;
o Last record / last row: The ability to determine the last record and the last row of data in your report or other document that you want to extract;
o Numbered ranges: NeXtract can extract (by name or number) the data from a field, data range, or the whole report;
o OLE reference types: NeXtract can automatically extract data from a document that has an OLE reference to another file or application.

NeXtract Professional can extract data from different file formats, including PDF, FCS, HTML, and HTML tables. You can configure NeXtract Professional to automatically detect and select the correct extraction or transformation template when there is a match.

NeXtract is compatible with the following reports types:

o ARF / Remedy / Service Control / Incident / Problem / Audit / Action (ALAA)
o CITIZEN / Asset / User / Application User (AAU)
o Counter Data / Event


System Requirements:

iPad 2 / 3 / 4 (4th Generation)/ iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini 4
Apple iOS 8.2 (or later)
iPad 2: 1 GB RAM
iPad 3: 1 GB RAM
iPad 4: 1 GB RAM
iPad Air: 1 GB RAM
iPad Mini: 1 GB RAM
iPad Mini 2: 1 GB RAM
iPad Mini 3: 1 GB RAM
iPad Mini 4: 1 GB RAM


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